The Benefits of Seamless Guttering

Guttering traditionally came in a jigsaw format, with 10’ pieces being joined by numerous fasteners. These fasteners were a weak point in the structure, opening guttering up to erosion through leakages and allowing for the build up of debris such as leaves and twigs. The sealant used at the joints wears away in both sunlight and through contact with water, and the cracks that result can cause flooding, mildew, and rot. When this happens, it not only damages the exterior of your property, but can also leak into walls and foundations.

The introduction of seamless guttering offered home-owners greater performance, a better product, and is now installed by our team of experts here at ARG who have extensive experience, creating many advantages.

No Leaks

With the exception of corners and downspouts, seamless gutters have no joints or fasteners. They not only minimise leakages, but also need far less maintenance due to their streamlined construction. As there are no seals to erode or joints to gather debris, they offer superior protection for your property against seasonal damage.

Less Maintenance

With debris comes additional problems such as the growth of weeds, with root systems working their way into walls and downspouts, and pests such as birds and squirrels. The joints of traditional guttering create water troughs that reduce flow and increase the chance of flooding. This erodes not only the fasteners joining the guttering, but also the fasteners holding the guttering to the house.

Seamless gutters are more firmly fixed to the property. They won’t become clogged and weighed down by debris, and won’t fall from the property when time and weather wear away the fasteners.


Seamless guttering comes in a variety of materials, from aluminium and vinyl to steel and copper, and in many colours to suit your property and surrounding landscape. A ‘baked-on’ enamel coat can also be applied, which removes the need for re-painting.

Aluminium gutters offer a great advantage over the old galvanised steel alternative. They don’t rust and don’t require soldered joints so are far easier to install and won’t require re-painting or re-finishing.

Professional Installation

Although some people favour traditional guttering because they can install it themselves, the reality is that guttering is an essential and fundamental first line of defence against structural damage. It’s worth having it done properly, and when you opt for a professional installation from us, you will also receive a 10-year guarantee.

Finally, because seamless guttering is made to measure, it requires professional installation. While it may cost a little more, costs are ultimately recouped through a design that requires far less maintenance and offers greater protection to your property.

If the benefits outlined above have been enough to persuade you to go for seamless guttering at your property, get in touch with us at Aluminium Rainwater Goods today to discuss this in greater detail.