How to Effectively Prepare Your Gutters for the Winter Weather

The winter has been slowly approaching in the United Kingdom – we’ve had mild weather until just recently, which means that there is still time to prepare your home before the worst of it hits.

As the winter weather becomes slowly harsher, it is time to turn your attention to you gutters to make sure that they remains fully functioning even in the worse weather conditions. In our latest post, we run through some of the key ways to ensure your guttering is weather for the worst!

Check Guttering

One of the easiest and most important checks that you can perform is to make sure that your gutters are free from debris. Remove leaves, sticks and any other types of debris that may be clogging up your gutters regularly using a garden towel or by hand if appropriate – blockages can be one of the leading causes of gutter damage.

Look Out For Leaks

Once all the debris has been removed from your gutters, it is time to check for leaks. This can be done by rinsing your gutters and downspouts with a garden hose. This will also help to clear your gutters from any residual material that may have built up, as well as helping to identify any holes, cracks or other damage. It is important to rinse your gutters in the direction of the downspout, as this will keep the excess water away from your house.

Tackle Any Fixes

If you do discover leaks in your gutters it is important to fix them as quickly as possible. Leaks can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, so it is a good idea to mark any leaks that you discover during your checks immediately with a marker pen or with duct/electrical tape – any of these methods are brightly coloured, which is perfect for easy identification.

You can fix leaks quickly and effectively with patch kits and silicone sealer, both of which are available at local hardware shops, but for any more severe damage to plastic guttering it’s wise to look into alternative replacements.

Here at ARG, we supply a range of aluminium guttering products – renowned for their durability and resistance towards leaks. These are ideal for everything from homes to industrial sites, completely removing the risk of leaks from your list of winter concerns.

Safety First

Of course, safety is very important when you are performing checks on your gutters. Make sure that you use a sturdy ladder when checking your gutters and wear safety equipment such as gloves and protective eye wear at all times. Make sure that your protective wear is of good quality and that your eye wear covers your face sufficiently.

We provide a full range of new gutters that come with a full ten year guarantee. Our seamless gutters come with no troublesome joints and are free from any weaknesses that would lead to leaks. We also offer free surveys and quotes to make sure that you receive the best gutters for your home.