The Benefits of Using UPVC Fascias & Soffits

There are many benefits to using UPVC fascias and soffits over wood or cast iron. They are often chosen as a cheaper alternative to cast iron, while also offering durability and a long lifespan, and as a more hassle-free alternative to wood, which requires regular maintenance.

With a lifespan of a couple of decades, many home owners opt for UPVC fascias and soffits if they intend to move within that time but wish to make sure that their property is adequately protected from the elements and to ensure its resale value with an attractive and functional drainage system.

Advantages Over Wood

Wooden fascias and soffits, when poorly maintained, can become a significant risk to your property’s structural integrity. As they are fastened to the wall just below the roofline, they are open to elements and their fixtures and fittings, as well as the wood itself, can become a point of water penetration. Wooden fascias and soffits need to be repainted regularly, and are susceptible to degradation that results in rot, splitting and warping.

The most immediate advantage of UPVC fascias and soffits is that they won’t ever need to be repainted. Whatever their condition, water won’t penetrate the material and UPVC provides superior protection against water penetration.

Advantages Over Cast Iron

Cast iron is recognised as a superior product simply for the fact that its lifespan extends not only into decades but potentially, with the right maintenance, into centuries. Homeowners and owners of business premises pay for this, however, with a much higher cost of installation and of the material itself. For most people, there is no need for such a durable, and expensive product.

Cast iron fascias and soffits have the same drawbacks as wood, in that they need to be regularly refinished. Changes in temperature can also cause cracks that need to be repaired, and they can rust, leaving an unsightly blemish on your property. UPVC alternatives not only last, but also come in a range of colours and colour finishes to suit even period homes.

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